Top Ten Tips For Golf Course Design

dig:idg 1: Choose the Best Site As much as we claim that we, as golf course architects, are responsible for the feel of a new golf course, the truth is somewhat different. Can you imagine St Andrews without the coastline, sand dunes and old course hotel? Can you remember any of the holes at Pebble […]

Indian Golf Resort Design

dig:idg Our journey in India started with Aamby Valley City in 1995 where we were brought in to remodel an existing 18 hole design which was partially built. We were asked to report on its status as a championship venue. Following that report, the developers decided the course needed a redesign to enable large scale […]

Designing For Increased Revenue

dig:idg Speed of Play – General Obviously, the less time spent on the course, the more players on the course during the day. For many golfers a round at a busy course can take 5-5.5 hours and slow play is now a major issue to the number of people giving up the sport. Whilst resort […]

Seven Best Countries To Play Golf

dig:idg Scotland Sticking close to home for the first entry, no such list is complete without the home of golf as there is no better place to feel the history of golf by playing some of the oldest courses in the world (in often rather troublesome weather). The almost mystical landscape of Scotland makes for […]