Amaya Belize · Private Island Resort

IDG was appointed in 2020 to upgrade an existing masterplan from a local architect into a landscape led design which focussed on guest experience. The Resort comprises of a variety of exclusive and luxurious villas, beach clubs, treehouse clubhouse, dining and a spa, all set within a tropical verdant private island location in Belize.

The resort required a perfect blend of a relaxed character with high end facilities. The design process followed three specific user journeys, thinking about each memorable moment as well as how those users may cross paths at the focal points of the design.
The masterplan features a 20 villa hotel operation with an overwater spa, 40 villas (and one “rock star” villa), a beach club, treetop clubhouse and a secret bar in an abandoned aeroplane. All facilities are linked with an eco-friendly timber pathway, raised above the mangrove roots, weaving between existing foliage and using clearings for resort facilities such as yoga zones, celebration spaces and staff facilities.

Objectives & Challenges:

Assisting client and consultants to produce a world class private island resort.
• Making the best use of materials and resources found on and near the site.
• Creating the maximum financial value by optimising premium villas within the lush landscape.
• Integrating modern operational design principals into a relaxed resort plan.

Added Value & Benefits:

• Opportunities for creating a more popular resort in the long term, concentrating on word of mouth advertising through social channels.
• IDG staff brought operational experience to the design process to minimise running costs.
• Unlimited masterplan changes due to varying requirements throughout the design process.
• Going above and beyond by producing 30 CGIs free of charge.