IDG were employed by Ashira Capital to inject creativity and life into an old cork factory situated in the heart of the Expo area of Lisbon. Several existing factory buildings lend an unrivalled industrial character to the property which is retained throughout much of the development. IDG scope included masterplanning of the entire development, starting with a deep understanding of potential tenants using extensive surveys and population modelling. We were responsible for attribution of building uses to the various shells and a strategy on which buildings were retained or demolished to make way for new, flexible high performance office space. In addition to masterplanning, IDG were responsible for “user experience” design considering various users and their journey through the site on a daily basis. This process gave a deep insight into the use of the site and the ensuing landscape design.

The project has taken on many different iterations throughout its journey with the local planning department and has ultimately led to a very profitable development offering extensive and flexible office space to a burgeoning technology market driven by tech firms moving to Lisbon from all over the world. This is a flagship development for Ashira Capital as well as IDG and has been followed by many further fascinating projects for our team.

Objectives & Challenges:

• Retain the character of the existing industrial buildings whilst creating flexible, high performance office space.
• Create a “google campus” feel to the development helping to address the high staff turnover rates in the tech industries.
• Keeping a lively buzz to the developments during non-working hours by introducing public facilities.
• Create maximum financial value by value engineering entire scheme.
• Introduce UX design as an integral part of the masterplanning and landscape process.

Added Value & Benefits:

• Deep understanding of landscapes within commercial environments.
• Creative thinking which just isn’t available with the majority of design firms.
• 3D modelling throughout the design process, keeping the client informed of all design decisions through easily understandable imagery.