Ingestre Park Golf Club

Ingestre Park Golf Course

IDG was engaged to assist the golf club when the planned high speed rail link was designed. The new rail line, running from London to Manchester, would run directly through the centre of the golf course, removing 12 of the 18 holes and threatening the existence of the club.

Initially, IDG were asked to assist with representations to parliament and appearance in front of the select committee to kick off the process. IDG carried out studies on various parcels of land to check the technical feasibility of replacement holes on adjacent land or movement of the club to an alternative location. All options were budgeted and negotiations with HS2 were led by IDG.

Once the strategy was confirmed, IDG undertook members surveys and presentations to keep the membership informed and proceeded from concept design through to detailed technical design. A competitive tender was arranged and ran by IDG which resulted in MJ Abbott being appointed to build the course. Course construction is now underway and is due to complete at the end of 2022.

Objectives & Challenges:

· Negotiate case for retention of facility as a community asset.
· Dealing with extreme bureaucracy of government led national infrastructure project.
· Undertake project management of the development including negotiating legal agreement with Department for Transport.
· Meeting demanding needs of HS2’s planning and environment team.

Added Value & Benefits:

· Highly responsive design team able to respond to demands for additional detail and clarifications.
· Continual changes to masterplan without extra charge.
· Continual efforts to keep the project moving and avoid it becoming lost in the bureaucracy of government projects.
· Design led by members and their inputs into the look, feel and playability of the course.